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green china environmental protection technology co. ltd.founded in 2015, located in wenzhou national high-tech industrial development zone of zhejiang province, it is an environmental advanced enterprise integrating scientific research, production and management. company r &d and production of organic waste microbial processing equipment, low temperature carbonization furnace equipment, livestock and poultry resource disposal equipment, intelligent classification ash-bin equipment products can effectively solve the rural, residential, troops, schools, enterprises and institutions, farms, restaurants and other common garbage disposal problems.


company has a number of innovations in the relevant field, with japan's low temperature carbonization technology development cooperation organization, tokyo metropolitan university, sichuan university, chinese academy of sciences institute of microbiology & basic research and experiment platform, garbage in situ for the society, reduction, harmless and recycling treatment provide system solutions and overall environment optimization, makes the people look forward to the ecological green homes.


the company always practices “ green mountain is the golden hill. the concept of garbage classification knowledge lectures and promotional activities are invited at home and abroad, and garbage classification is processed. green china model in combination with the local situation, we will create a garbage classification system for local people. the company has in zhejiang, shanghai, shaanxi, henan, hebei and other places set up dozens of solid waste treatment project of the exemplary role of national life, and in more fields in creating solid waste disposal center, effectively solve the problem of the local garbage disposal, have been leaders at all levels and the news media recognition and praise.


the company develops in domestic, radiates the whole world. current products are sold to shaanxi, hebei, anhui, yunnan, sichuan, etc. some products have been exported to developed countries such as japan and singapore, and accelerate the realization of china's goal of manufacturing export manufacturing power.


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